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Tutankhamun S01E04

Watch Online Tutankhamun: Season 1 Episode 4 (S01E04) Stream Air Date: 06/11/2016

Plot: Evelyn tries to heal the breach between her father and Carter. But Carter is stubbornly proud and won't even speak to his former patron. He's hiding out back in his tomb, feeling like the whole world has turned against him. An insect bite on Carnarvon's face gets infected. While angry mobs in the streets outside his hotel chant and shout against him – there are still rumours that he wants to steal Tutankhamun's mummy away from its resting place – Carnarvon succumbs to blood poisoning. Tutankhamun will not be put in a museum: this is where he went to join his ancestors in eternity, and this is where he's staying. Carter tells the expectant press that this was Lord Carnarvon's personal wish: that the mummy remain here, forever.

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